With its sales rising, Mozilla hires 70 people.

Briefly: Mozilla’s Firefox maker employs some 70 people as the company expects to earn income from new products outside their browser.

“Our strategy for 2019 underestimated how long it would take to develop and send out new revenue generating goods, as written in an internal TechCrunch post, Mozilla’s chairwoman and interim CEO, Mitchell Baker. When we heard about the pace of innovation in 2019, we decided to adopt a more conservative approach in our revenue forecast for 2020. We have acknowledged a survival principle that we do not invest more than we receive for the foreseeable future.

Several senior staff members including senior release manager Liz Henry have been impacted by the terminations.

To make this responsible, we had to take a few difficult choices, leading to the removal of the roles from Mozilla which we have internally announced today, “Baker said in a blog post.” There are many investments we can do to support innovation.

By the end of 2017, there were about 1,200 staff in the Mozilla Foundation and its Mozilla Corp. affiliate. The announced terminations only affect Mozilla Corp., reducing its workforce to about 1,000 persons.

Mozilla still gets most of its revenue from global browser search alliances, but in recent years its declining success has seen sales decline pushing it towards other outlets.

While Firefox is second most popular Chrome client, the disparity is substantial, with the browser taking Google over 67 percent of the market share, while the software of Mozilla is on only 9 percent. Recent times have also seen the number of Firefox installs fall from about 312 million three years ago to about 253 million today.

Some of the new products Mozilla hopes would raise extra revenue include a VPN named Firefox Private Network, Lockwise, which is now freely available and Firefox Monitor that enables you to test if they’ve been part of a data breach, much like Have I Been Pwned. Monitoring is free, too, but subscriptions will start.

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