Valve reveals the ‘ Half-Life ‘ VR game: Alyx is on its way

Valve has revealed that a new Half-Life title is on the way, but it’s not Half-Life 3; it’s a VR game featuring Half-Life2 co-star Alyx Vance.

It was back in February 2017 when Valve director Gabe Newell said three “complete” VR games were being produced by the developer. It did not generate much enthusiasm, but Half-Life: Alyx, as it is called, could be a killer name that encourages more people to buy a headset. Or maybe it’s really misleading, we’re going to have to wait and see. Valve certainly has experience in the VR field, with the Valve Index of the company gaining many positive reviews.

The announcement came from the Twitter account @valvesoftware. It’s the one tweet from an account that was only established in June and has 47,000 followers, but it’s confirmed, and the message was retweeted by Valve employees. Why the company never used the Steam Twitter feed, which has 5.2 million followers, is a mystery.

The tweet says the full announcement of the game will take place at 10 a.m. Pacific Time this Thursday. A leaked interview (via PC Gamer) with Geoff Keighley, co-developerof Team Fortress Robin Walker, and an unidentified third person, Half-Life: Alyx will be shown off at the game awards on December 12 and released in March 2020.

It’s the 21st anniversary of the original release date of Half-Life’s PC, and just over 15 years after Half-Life 2, so it’s well overdue to return the series. But many of those waiting for Half-Life 3 will be disappointed by a VR title starring Alyx Vance — which Ars Technica claims will be a Half-Life 2 prequel.

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