Truecaller: Caller ID & Block

Truecaller app is the best app that will help you to recognize people who call you. Different people are calling you and you don’t want to pick their phone or you want to know them. You don’t need to worry now we have brought an app for you that will help you recognize people who are calling you or you don’t know them and their name will appear on the screen. I have searched a lot to find such app that helps me recognize people when they call me.

I come across a lot of app but none of them work properly. I was worried about unknown people calling me and I want know them before I pick their call. It was not possible for me until I find this app and now it is very easy for me to pick calls and recognize them. I find true caller that help me find people easily. Now it is possible because of this app. You can enjoy some of its feature free and for some you have to pay money. It is very useful and every person should have this app in their mobile in order to recognize caller.

  • It can collect the data.
  • Once you request they will delete your data.
  • It will collect your personal information.
  • It has 17 million reviews.
  • It is downloaded by 500 million people.
  • It is rated 4.1 stars.

The app is unique in its function. It is needed by everyone. It has some free feature and for some feature you have to pay. It is downloaded by many people and many people recommended installing it in phone in order to recognize unknown caller. Once you installed the app it will collect your all data your messages, contacts, files, app activity, audio, video and location. When you call others they also can reach out to your information.

Once you request them to delete your data they will delete it. This app is best in its category if you want to install such app we recommend this app as after a lot of search we have find this app which is easy to install and use.


You have to install this app from Google pay store. It is very easy to install. You have to go to search bar in paly store and install truecaller. Once you install it you have to allow some permission and the app will work automatically. Once someone call you all the information of the person will appear and you will know who is calling you.



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