The Makers Of Mutant Year Zero Surprise Us Again With Another Tactical Strategy Game

Anything to look forward to: the creators of mutant year zero have their bag if you like stealthy, turn-based, tactical action. In a few weeks, corruption 2029 will be released. Get your cloak ready because a wrong move will warn the enemy and make your job much more difficult.

The Bearded Ladies revealed Friday their following game behind Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. Corruption 2029 is another tactical adventure that the team has built quietly since MYZ was published a year ago. Judging from the revelation trailer (below), several aspects, including the stealth and the cover mechanics, have been transferred from the past work of the developer to the new game.

In 2029, as the title indicates, corruption was founded in post-apocalyptic America. The teams will be in charge of a futuristic, virtual super soldier team instead of thinking about animals. There is a strong focus on stealth tactics, as its predecessor did.

Mission: To penetrate the country “into the grounds of the enemy, to discover the source of corruption.” But, it won’t be easy. The developers say this latest game is tougher than most other strategic tactical games.

“Bribery 2029 is a tactical combat game that should challenge even the most seasoned tactical players,” the Epic Shop page of the game says.

This is no exception to the squad, as MYZ was always very “hardcore.”

“If a lonely adversary does not fall in the first turn, he screams for help, or heavy-damage options like rifles and grenades will be made available to everyone,” said Rock Paper Schotgun at his Mutant Year Zero review. “When you’re certain that you can complete the job quietly in a single turn, you don’t need to pull the trigger. It’s unfailingly hard because attackers almost always have more hitpoints than normal damage from your silenced weapons.

It looks like a different story and hat, which’s not bad. This seems like something else.

Corruption 2029 is scheduled to launch on February 17 for $20 exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Pre-orders are available now, but there seems to be no early purchasing incentives.

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