Take A Deep BREATH to reduce personal stress!

It is wise to make lemonade when life hands you, lemons. How many times have you heard this advice in your entire life? There will always be certain stresses and anxieties, an essential reality of living. While we can’t eliminate these, it’s how we handle them, which often makes a significant difference between living a happy, healthy life as opposed to a much less desirable one. Dr. Hans Selye received the Nobel Prize for his work and studies in the field of human stress and distinguished, harmful stress versus useful stress (eustress).

This article will focus on a fundamental principle that I refer to as Take a Deep BREATH, which means waiting before reacting, responding, panicking, and considering how to use these potential stresses to provide beneficial life experiences. With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to explore, consider, review, and discuss some of the potential benefits of using this approach using the mnemonic approach.

1. Beliefs ; advantages ; the best:

Continue with an open mind, so do not harm your personal beliefs in making the best possible decisions! Consider always the potential benefits and how any event can help you to get closer to your personal best!

2. Responsible / responsible ; realistic ; rational / reasonable:

Instead of looking at the negatives randomly, give priority to genuinely relevant approaches! Consider how you respond, and whether the answers are the best for you, and whether they are both responsive and personal. Do not bury your head in a realistic way, in the sand, and proceed. Understand your own reasoning, including your strengths and weaknesses. Are you going to be rational enough to avoid simply responding emotionally? Know, understand, and examine your reasoning, so that you can be as happy as you are!

3. Strength ; energy ; excellence ; enrichment:

Wherever you place your emphasis, your energy will usually help you or harm you! If you’re hoping to enrich your existence, ask for your highest degree of personal excellence, not just good enough!

4. Attitude ; aptitude ; care:

Are you ready, willing, and in a position to proceed with a true, positive attitude through life? When you combine this with a well-developed, relevant aptitude and skill set, and focus your attention on transforming obstacles, challenges, not issues, you maximize your chance to be happier and healthier!

5. Appropriate:

Always procrastinate, because delay, does not make things easier, but rather, the best approach, is to proceed, well – considered, timely!

6. Healing ; healing ; heart / head:

The opportunity to live a healthy, happy life is exponentially enhanced when we look forward, focused on healing, using our emotional and logical components, in a heart / heart balance! Instead of being overwhelmed, do everything you can to step back and take a deep BREATH before you react, or over-react! Are you going to help yourself in a happier, healthier life?

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