Speed! Stunts! Racing! All in one?

Are you a fan of cars? Have you always dreamt of your own racing cars? Were your childhood plays all included cars? And finally are you a fan of gaming?

Then what are you doing here? Go play the best racing games below:

  1. Drive for Speed: Simulator
  2. Speed Car Racing-3D Car Game
  3. Asphalt 9: Legends

Cars have always been an important part of our life as they provide us support and help us travel more efficiently. So it is normal for one think and play with cars when growing up. Before jumping into the games mentioned above lest talk about what actually is gaming?


What do we truly mean when you say the word “Gaming”, what does gaming actually refer to? So for you in easy word to say, “a person/someone playas games, especially on electronic media”. This electronic media can be, Laptop’s, consoles, PlayStation, Xbox, pcs etc. gaming had has its eras, and slowly became a sensation all around the world.

You can also earn using the gaming, it a fun method with which you are doing your hobby an taking it to the next level by earning through it, you can earn by gaming is by live streaming, playing or checking beta games for different companies and via other methods.

Racing games:

Let’s come back to our main discussion, best racing games, racing game is a type or so to say a category of game in which you compete with other either NPC (Non player character) or on online with other players just like you.

Racing games include to compete with these players using cars bikes bicycles or any other medium that you like, today we are going to discuss on the car racing games. Following are the famous car racing games we are going to talk about today.

  1. Drive for Speed: Simulator
  2. Speed Car Racing-3D Car Game
  3. Asphalt 9: Legends

Let’s on by one jump into the details of the games.

Drive for Speed: Simulator:

We always say that simple is the best, this game has a simple concept where you drive the car around with obstacles around and earn money.

Drive for Speed, was developed by the company named, PLAY365 this developing company has also made other stimulation games which were all also famous like this one, it is a free to play game which can be downloaded directly from play store ios etc.


There are some features to this game which are given below.

  • It is a free to play game.
  • It holds 20 plus cars.
  • The concept of the game id to roll around the city which has obstacles which you have to protect yourself from while collecting the coins, so it has a good currency system.
  • In game purchases are also available.

Speed Car Racing-3D Car Game:

Speed car racing is another free to play game, where you also race compete with NPC (Non player character) and other players and also along the way you complete the missions that are provided to level up in the game. In this gam your ride your super car in the city and try to win, but the only catch is that you have to avoid the other cars that are coming towards and away from you, sounds easy right? No. the traffic in the city gets tougher and tougher as you go towards the finishing line.

  1. Don’t have to handle with steering.
  2. Semi intuitive design allows for an easier play

Asphalt 9: Legends:

When we are talking about the racing games and the ones that are to be played on the mobile, then we won’t discuss the legendary Asphalt series? And specifically the latest one, Asphalt 9: Legends? Not even possible.

Developed and published by Gameloft, series typically focus on fast-paced arcade racing around the world, tasking players to complete races while evading the local law enforcement in police pursuits. There are different game modes in the game which are all the same in the series, they are given below.

  1. Police pursuit
  2. Classic
  3. 1 vs. 1
  4. Race yourself
  5. Time attack
  6. Elimination
  7. Knockout
  8. Drift
  9. Police chase


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