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Welcome to our Skylom test. It has become easier than ever to make cash online, with many websites helping you make a passive income in the comfort of your home. However, as some of these sites are a scam and do not live up to standards, it is important to do thorough research. To complete various tasks, they promise to pay you, but you end up not getting paid, or very little at best. You’ve come to the right location if you’ve been curious about Skylom. We will break down everything you need to know about the platform in this Skylom analysis and whether we think it’s a good opportunity to make some extra cash. Skylom is a website that aims to pay you for the videos you watch. That’s probably the easiest thing you can pay to do, but you have to ask yourself, is it legitimate? There are a number of videos on the website that you can view to get paid. The videos range from 0-91 seconds long anywhere, and you can redeem your points and cash out once you create the minimum requirement.

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While you may need a connection or invitation to join, Skylom is 100 per cent free to join. You need to request an invitation from the site via your email without a referral connection. However, if you are not in a rush, the alternative is ideal as it takes a while before you can get the invitation link. You simply need to sign up using your Google account or Facebook account once you have an invitation or referral connection. Using your email address, there is no way to join, so there is no checking your email address. The sign-up method varies from other websites that are similar, but it’s so effortless.

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Skylom Website Features

  • Skylom is an instant lottery, and every 2 minutes a new draw begins.
  • You need 2 coins for every draw in order to apply your numbers.
  • To win money, your numbers have to match the winning number at the exact location.
  • You can earn coins by watching videos. 1 video = 1 coin.
  • If they sign up using your invite connection, you also get 5 percent of your referral winnings.

When it comes to ways of making a passive income, Skylom is not a very common place. The website has restricted ways to make money and pays very little. Therefore, consumers are not particularly positive about the site. Watching 500 videos just to gain $1 is exhausting. Users, therefore, find the website very unrewarding and frustrating. If you want to join Skylom Website To earn 60$ daily then click below button.

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