Samsung To Microsoft: The Xbox Series X Should Support Ultrawide Monitors

Why is it important: The many graphic options available to us are one of the best elements of PC gaming. Consoles could not suit it, but the Xbox Series X might have a system first: support for ultra-wide control.

Speaking of PCGamesN, Samsung said that Microsoft is pushing its consoles for ultra-wide presence, probably starting with Xbox Series X, which launches the summer season. “We drive, we’re talking,’ the publication was told by a Samsung representative.

The that number of games supports the ultrawide format with the 21:9 and 32:9 monitors becoming more common. But while the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X support 4 K resolutions and HDR, the aspect ratio of them is limited to 16:9. Obviously you might still hook a single monitor up to an ultra large one, though it means playing each side of the screen with distracting black bars.

The report says that Samsung has already partnered with Microsoft to ad hoc ultra-wide gaming, but the feature has never been released in the public domain.

For graphical choices, the new consoles are still very limited; if a game provides them, the choice between priority output or quality is generally straightforward.

Microsoft has long tried to close the gap between its consoles and Windows PCs by incorporating cross-platform features, but although the Xbox Series X offers ultra-large, far from guaranteeable support, it needs games that benefit from it. Microsoft will however be mindful that support for PC-style graphic settings makes the console more enticing to users of their displays in particular.

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