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Picoworkers Review: Make Real Quick Cash Online

Since we first heard about it, the internet has come a long way. At sites like Picoworkers, you can now earn an honest living online doing short, fast tasks. In equal measure, though, the internet is a blessing and a curse. You can fall for a scam or worse easily. That’s probably why you read a variety of reviews from Picoworkers to decide whether it’s a waste of time or a low hanging fruit. Ok, be happy that you’re here. To save you some precious time, we did the analysis. So in this Picoworkers review, read the truth about the business.

Basically Picoworkers ties business owners to freelancers to carry out such small jobs or micro activities, such as surveys, writing small blog posts, testing software, writing honest reviews, commenting on a social media message, making short marketing videos, liking a social media page, and more.

Picoworkers will then study the job of the freelancer and present it for review to the client. If the client accepts the task, the Picoworker will subtract a certain commission and pass on to you, the Picoworker, the profits of the job. The customer will then positively rate you, contributing to your success rate. You won’t be charged if the client turns down the job, and the client is free to leave a negative comment on your page. You may be promoted to a higher rank, where the pay is marginally higher, if you work and maintain a good performance rate.

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Frankly, not much. The money you receive depends on a number of variables, including your rate of success, job volume, and personal effort. As most tasks pay anywhere between $0.04 and $0.3, you will be fortunate to get a gig that pays a Picoworker over $0.5. Bear in mind, however, these are tiny tasks you can complete to earn cash in minutes. So if you have the time and patience, if there’s enough job number, the cents will add up. The highest earning freelancers have currently pocketed approximately $1000 in lifetime earnings doing these small jobs, based on what Picoworkers publishes on this website.

However, how long it took the user to hit these sums is unknown. In a good month, real freelancers have reported earning around $50. You will also earn cash by referring to others, collecting 5% of whatever the referral receives for life.

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