Online bitcoin earning in Pakistan

Bit coin is easy to earn in Pakistan. There are several ways which you have to follow and earn bit coin. One way is to pay for Bit coin and other ways are apps and mining. You can download apps and play games they give you points which can be converted into bit coins. You can buy Pc and do mining with high graphics card and earn bit coins. These are the ways through which you can buy or have free bit coin.

The price of the bit coin is so high and everyone cannot buy so they follow the free ways to have bit coins. We will the method which people follow to earn free bit coins. They are very expensive and everyone wants to have these coins to become rich. Many people try for these coins but it needs a lot of hard work to earn. Pakistan does not take any step to legal it. One person Waqar Zaka who introduce bit coin in Pakistan and do hard work to take permission from government to legalize it in Pakistan. But they do not accept his proposal and reject it. He still doing hard work to legalize this digital currency and every Pakistanis took benefits of it. There are ways in which you can earn money and we are telling you those ways and which you have to follow in order earn free bit coins.

Casino games need to sign up in their account and they will give you some points and those points can be converted into BTC and its free and when you play games they will pay you and you can earn in these way BTC. You may pay for some games but they will pay coins which can be turn into BTC. It is not easy but you can do it by hard work. It provide you levels as you get experience you will be given high level and more points and can be turn into BRC.

Mining is another way where you have to buy Pc with high graphics cards and they will do mining for you and you earn points and they will turn into BTC it easy way but need some money so to be invested. You can earn the money in a month which you invested on system. It is very easy way you need to provide electricity for 24 hour. So your mining does not close and run it for 24 hour. This type of work is successful and a lot of people are following this method in Pakistan. This is hundred percent working way and you can earn a lot from this work.

Block chain based games is another way where you have to play games and they pay you free BTC and it is very easy. You have to play games and earn points and those points can be converted into BTC.

Non block chain games are the games that are played by you and you plan to play and make strategy and playing games pay you points which you can use as to do shopping or convert it into free BTC.

Quiz game is played as they provide you some question and you have to answer it correctly and win points. They provide you satoshis points and once you collect 11000 points than you can convert it into BTC.

There is website that provides you to do free mining of bit coin. You have to sign in and make an account and do mining of BTC. It is easy and simple you just need to identify the website. WP Monero is website where you can go and do mining of free BTC.

You have a good website so you are not far to win BTC for free. You have to make referral link and when people click on the link you get free BTC points and this is very easy of earning BTC. You can earn a lot by this way. It is free you do not need to invest. When you collect points you can turn that into BTC. So in this method you need to have website which has traffic.


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