Next year, the Outer Worlds will receive DLC focused on stories

If you enjoyed the latest RPG of Obsidian, The Outer Worlds, but were left wanting more after the relatively short story, you’re lucky. In celebrating the success of the game at The Game Awards, it was announced that sometime in 2020, Obsidian plans to expand the story via DLC.

Obsidian’s sci-fi space opera, The Outer Worlds, is fresh off The Game Awards, with nominations for Best Narrative, Best RPG, Game of the Year and Ashly Burch’s Best Performance Nod (who spoke Parvati Holcomb). Although Obsidian did not ultimately collect any awards, it did not dampen the celebratory spirit of the studio.

The social media manager of Obsidian revealed in a forum post that the story will continue via DLC in 2020, while also expressing appreciation for all the help the game has received so far. The announcement, however, skimped on specifics, but promised that they would be “made available at a later date.” Outer Worlds is scheduled to arrive on the Nintendo Switch sometime in early 2020, so the DLC could coincide with the port.

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