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If you know the language of Urdu and can write articles or stories, then from these top high-paying article writing Newz Flex websites, you can earn a lot of money. On these websites, you can work and earn a nice amount of money every month. Most people are not familiar with these highest websites for writing posts. If you are familiar with one of your posts on these pages, you will go really high and businesses will also employ you for life.

The scope for writing is broad. You can write about cultural attitudes and myths, urban imagination phenomena, and social movements as well as movies, TV shows, books, subcultures of the Internet, and the like. For Bitch, culture also includes politics, science, fitness, and life, including food, parenting, chronic disease, relationships, faith, advocacy, education, climate change, and various aspects of our lives that we all discuss when we determine who we are as feminists.

Will you like to write articles or essays on Newz Flex? Before pitching, it’s crucial that you read these new submission guidelines.

  • Well-written, well-told stories with open and easy-to-follow plot arcs that demonstrate some relatable human experience readers can connect with, even though their own life experiences have been very different.
  • The pieces should contain a minimum of 400 Urdu phrases.
  • All essay types are welcome, as long as there is a simple thread that runs through the work, singularly centered, braided.
  • Near the top of the piece, the primary story arc should start. There’s not much room on the internet, where it’s easy to lose the interest of readers, to beat around the bush at the opening.
  • The stories can be about, or fairly common, very unique experiences. Good writing, in a new way, will help a reader appreciate a popular experience.
  • We are interested in hearing from a wide variety of voices from all cultures, races, skills, experiences, and viewpoints, including those from authors who haven’t been published before.

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