NBC’s Peacock will try to differentiate itself using tiered pricing structure, unique UI

Bottom line: NBC would be leaning on a multi-tiered pricing structure and a unique user experience to differentiate the new Peacock streaming service from the competition. Will that be enough-plus the large content library of NBC-to get people to sign up?

Sources familiar with the matter told CNBC that, although with limited content, NBC is planning a free, ad-supported tier. A less restrictive option with restricted ads for $5 a month and an ad-free tier priced at $10 a month will also be available.

NBC can easily serve a range of markets by targeting several price points to which other providers are simply not catering.

Users are claimed to be having something they won’t find with other deals when signing in. Sources say NBC Peacock is going to open with a live video stream, perhaps from the NBC News Now service that is going to be incorporated into Peacock or perhaps an on-demand show. Personally, I’m not so sure it sounds so good as it reminds me of web-based auto-playing advertising, but to each of them.

At the launch, Peacock’s digital shelves will be packed with more than 15,000 hours of content including The Office, Friday Night Lights and Cheers as well as new original programming such as the revival Saved by the Bell revealed a few months ago.

Peacock is still in beta but is still on schedule for public launch in April. One thing the streaming service is not going to offer is coverage of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, we’re told. That’s understandable given that the company does not want to cannibalize too much of its conventional pay TV market.

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