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I have recently stumbled at an interesting faucet named MoreMoney. You can instantly see a tidy, look nice user interface while visiting the web. The web looks fantastic but if the faucet fails it doesn’t matter. I can honestly say it’s one of the best paid BTC faucets out there, after using the service for over a month now. Let’s take a peek deeper. The most obvious thing here is that you’ll be rolling 30 bits most of the time. That may seem like a bad thing, but rolling 61 or 586 bits is extremely rare. However, provided that on-site the 1 bit = 1 satoshi, you are almost getting 30 satoshi per hour just by rolling the faucet. 30 Satoshi may not sound like much, but it’s actually one of the highest prices out there, relative to other places. Just as a side note, the amount of bits the faucet gives depends on the Bitcoin price. If BTC goes up you’ll get fewer, maybe about 27 bits. If BTC goes down you will get around more, maybe about 33 bits.

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$0.0022 per hour, or $0.0036 per hour. Cointiply is a bit different since it pays out at a flat USD rate , meaning the satoshi values vary from Bitcoin price. We ‘re going to say, for the sake of the post, that BTC is $10,000 so its 22 satoshi / hour, or 36 satoshi / hour. The only faucet that can pay out more than is cointiply. Since Cointiply has up to 100 percent loyalty bonus, you will get at least 44 satoshi per roll. Now there are many other faucets out there, such as FaucetCrypto, EarnSats, etc, but none of them come close to the payout rates of MoreMoney or Cointiply.


Now that we know that MoreMoney costs a little less than Cointiply, does this mean you don’t have to use it? Definitely not. MoreMoney is there’s the second highest paid faucet out. Not only is it a faucet, but there are other ways to benefit from shortlinks, PTC ads and offerwalls as well. Also there is a multiplier that increases the more you roll. For eg, you’ll get a 1.1x bonus on all of your future rolls after 100 rolls. This is a perfect way to get you motivated to continue to roll every day.

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More Money Features

  • Advertise as low as 3 Satoshi for each view!
  • Publish instant advertising (no admin confirmation needed)
  • Promote the PTC Ads or Banner Advertising on your pages
  • Get simple referrals to any programme or affiliates

They either pay directly to your wallet or to your FaucetPay account as regards payments. Here’s the payment I got after more than a month using the site. As you can see, after around a month and a half of using the faucet, I earned about $2.8. If you want to cash out with FaucetPay then you will immediately receive your BTC. If you want to get started then sign up Below button.

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