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MixYou Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining | How To Register And Withdraw |

Crypto enthusiasts who believed in the future of crypto currencies developed MixYou. At the dawn of their likeness. A group of crypto miners in New York teamed up after intensive work in this sector to create a viable business that would provide everyone with favorable mining conditions. The company’s successful geographical position and the New York economy have produced favorable conditions for a mining farm to be developed in this region. Today, Mixyou is one of the cryptocurrency mining industry leaders who are prepared to provide everyone with their mining power for cryptocurrency mining One day, by deciding to move forward, we changed our life forever.

We are open to any new partner looking for a secure and simplest way to acquire cryptocurrency. We’ve changed our lives once and for the better. It’s your turn now.

Live broadcasting of mining equipment that provides SHA-256, ETHASH and SCRYPT algorithms with power for cryptocurrency mining allows you to monitor the equipment’s work at any time and from anywhere in the world. Just visit the “LIVE” section to see how the cryptocurrency that falls into your balance is mined and begin viewing.

How To Register

You must create an account in order to use the opportunities offered on the website.

  • 1. Click on “Registration” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to register your personal account.
  • 2. It is necessary to fill in 3 required fields in order to create an account:
  • 3. Familiarize yourself with the terms of the user agreement and confirm that the provisions laid down in the user agreement have been accepted.
  • 4. Click the “Registration” button if all the previous steps have been completed.

You should replenish the balance of available funds in order to increase the hashrate and gain power for mining.


The ability to exchange the mined crypto currency for USD, EURO and USDC was implemented by MixYou. Thus, any preferred currency can be mined and exchanged for USD, EURO and USDC.

  • 1. To exchange the acquired cryptocurrency, you must enter your personal one.
    Account and visit the section on “Balance”
  • 2. Next, click the tab for “Exchange”
  • 3. From the list on the left, pick the currency you wish to exchange.
  • 4. Indicate the sum that you would like to swap
    Please note that below this sector, the current exchange rate is shown
  • 5. Edit the number which will be exchanged. All funds in the desired currency are chosen by default. The field below shows the amount you will earn after the exchange on the balance
  • 6. Click the “Exchange” button if all the data you have entered is right.

The daily benefit you earn from the work of acquired mining power is directly proportional to the sum of it. The greater the amount of power purchased and enabled, the greater the daily benefit. The minimum benefit is 1 percent, but up to 3 percent can be raised depending on its amount . In the “Marketing” portion, descriptions of equipment profitability are included.

If you want to join MixYou Biz To earn daily then click below button.

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