How To Make Money With Sharing Links On AdFly

Effective programs can be used, but it is crucial that we do not restrict our earning opportunities by relying exclusively on one marketing campaign because we think it is the best. While affiliate links and domain hunting can be very effective, there are other ways to make money through the use of web traffic and it can be easily deployed compared to other marketing efforts. Because of how common the exchange of links is, when it comes to money-making opportunities, it can be easy to ignore them. The advertisement software for AdFly, however, is built with a basic concept, one that is used every day. All users need to do is make sure the connection that is clicked on is of some value to the user.

If you have ever visited a connection to be met with an ad, then it is likely that it was delivered via the AdFly network. There are many online tools that allow users to shorten URLs, such as, but when users refer traffic to a URL, only AdFly can give a return. AdFly, also known as, is a provider of URL shortening that provides a specific take on link references since they are monetized. The AdFly network can also be used by those looking to promote websites to advertise their service, product or content.

Available For Advertisers

It’s easy to say that AdFly is nothing more than a method with a bit of a twist to shorten URLs, but those who scratch the service will find there are some advantages on offer. The following advertising choices may be selected for those looking to make use of AdFly advertising.

  • Interstitial Marketing
  • Banner Ads Leaderboard
  • Pop Ads

Depending on the objectives of your campaign, AdFly will deliver traffic from as low as $0.40 to as high as $5 for 1,000 views.

For a span of 5 seconds, the Interstitial Advertisement alternative allows advertising to be displayed to a consumer. The Advertisement Leader Board Banner is available as a 728 x 90 banner or smaller. Depending on the campaign target, those trying to create a more creative campaign may also want to make use of pop advertising. Users will be allocated to the minimum rates per GEO until an ad format has been settled on.

There can be a lot of effort involved in certain affiliate schemes. This is particularly true if you support or promote a product or service. Although such goods may be lucrative, the benefit typically comes at the expense of many hours for men. The use of AdFly is in the form of a condensed connection, so it can be posted almost anywhere. All you need to do is make sure the dedication is there. As with the various rates available to advertisers, when users click on a shortened connection created with AdFly, there is also a fluctuation in commission fees. The revenue could vary between $0.20 and $2.50 per click, but 20 percent of the value of the referrals is the general rule of thumb. While you would only earn a commission for what your referrals produce, users will also make money by referring others to the site.

Although the link users are provided with can be used everywhere effectively, there are forums and sites that do not allow such links to be posted. On well-managed forums, this can be particularly true. There may also be some countries that do not allow AdFly connections to be posted within their territories. In the end, the constraints you face will depend on your marketing efforts and demographics.

There are still plenty of options open, however, and if you really are trying to protect your marketing efforts, you can still build your own website. When using AdFly, there is an element of research required, but this is true of every marketing tool. There should, however, be little justification why you can not produce an income through the sharing of links.

Earning with AdFly

Those new to the online marketing world will want to determine how much risk there is when using AdFly. Basically, with little or no money, users can get moving, but those with more important goals will need to make a small investment in the process. Although precisely how much would be received can be difficult to determine, there is a lot going on behind the scenes that ensures that the advertisements shown to those visiting the connection are important. While this can’t guarantee a salary, when it comes to conversions, it will improve your chances. In terms of publicity, it may also be perfect for those who already have other irons in the fire but are searching for a passive income.

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