Konami reportedly has at least one Silent Hill game in development

Rumor mill: Prepare the salt shaker because you need to get an extra dose of salt and speculation that it could make a comeback from the Silent Hill franchise. Konami has no games in the works except two.

On Twitter, AestheticGamer “leaked,” Konami could be interested in two games in the franchise of Silent Hill. One is a “soft reboot,” another is an episodic game like Telltale or Supermassive before Dawn. The second game is identical to Telltale games.

The tweeting series of Konami was about two years ago looking for new sports in Silent Hill and that is the idea behind it. AestheticGamer admits that he knows nothing more, but he’s not shocked early to see the announcements.

“I am just guessing, but I would say one or both titles are likely to be released this year, but we’ll see,” he said. “This is just a guess. I don’t know much about the inner working of Konami, though. I don’t know about their plans for these games other than the existence of them.

It does not disclose where it is sent, so take a healthy dose of skepticism to the story. If other recent developments do not support the idea that Konami is doing anything with franchise, it would seem to be completely unfounded.

Last August, Game Rant reported that Konami had filed with Silent Hill for trademark protection. Trademark renewals are not uncommon, but the list of services provided by the applicant indicated that the publisher could think of a title with elements of online multiplayer.

“Fourniture for online gaming of video; provision of online games in video games; provision of information for the field of computer games; organization, organization and organisation of competitions of video games; organization, organization and management of competitions of computer games.”

More specifically, the horror blog Rely on Horror attests to the confirmation that “through an independent source” a Silent Hill project is certainly being produced. But for those who hope for something better because Silent Hills was cancelled five years ago, they have a ray of hope.

Perhaps fans are finally going to get something else than a slot. We’ll keep our eyes on this story.

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