In March, Psyonix will withdraw Rocket League support in MacOS and Linux

In context: the majority of multiplayer games spread their scope over time to as many platforms as possible. The Witcher 3 received a Switch Port just a couple of months ago, for example, after four years on the market, with many former exclusive PlayStation 4 finally heading towards the PC. Nonetheless, Rocket League creator Psyonix appears to be trying his famous pseudo-sports game to take a somewhat different approach.

On the official Rocket League website, Psyonix revealed it is going to be ending support for March versions of the game Mac and Linux. This is Psyonix’s decision to make it as “the best possible experience for the Rocket League players,” and Psyonix will somehow also be able to”[ adapt] to use new technologies.”

How to end support for two major operating systems would help Psyonix (and its new owner, Epic Games) accomplish one of these goals–especially the former–can not be understood. If anything, ceasing support for macOS and Linux would give the respective players a lower and no better experience.

As for the bit of “adapting,” we don’t know what Psyonix is talking about. Please let us know in the comments if our readers are aware of technologies related to Rocket League which work for Windows but not macOS or Linux. In the meantime, we’ll be reaching out to the developer for clarification on this statement.

It’s not probable, however, that anyone or something at this point will alter the mind of Psyonix or Epic. Therefore, if this change affects you, we recommend playing as much as you can during the next couple of months at the Rocket League.

In order to be transparent, when the final patch falls in March, you can still play the game on MacOS and Linux, but some features will stop working. We presume that online play is one of these, because it depends on constant updates and bug fixes. Nonetheless, it should still be possible to play offline and your cosmetics will not go anywhere.

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