Final Fantasy VII Remake Theme Song Trailer Features Cross-dressing Cloud

To sum up, on Friday, Square Enix shared a new Final Fantasy VII Remake trailer featuring “Hollow,” the game’s theme song. Cloud dresses as a woman to save a friend, which is especially interesting for the nearly four-minute spot at Final Fantasy VII.

As The Verge notes, fans were wondering how Square Enix will handle the sequence in the Remake and now players have a pretty good idea about what to expect thanks to the latest trailer.

The section will actually add new depth to the game with the improved graphics since the original was very blocked when it was running with the 90s.

We are also seeing Red XIII, a lion talk, and a host of others first.

In the meanwhile, the Hollow theme song is penned by Nobuo Uematsu and uses Yosh of Survive Said The Prophet

Earlier this month, Square Enix announced that the much expected restoration would miss its original release date of March 3, 2020. Now, franchise fans will be required to wait until 10 April to enter the game. The growing business said it took extra time to apply a final polish layer to provide gamers with the best experience.

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