Epic’s Holiday Sale offers $10 coupons ‘ endless, ‘ 12 days of free games and steep discounts on new titles

Holiday deals: the holidays are in full swing, and the celebrations are being attended by many businesses. While we have already past Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are plenty of other offers for PC gamers to look forward to now. Steam’s Winter Sale has just kicked off, and now Epic’s own Holiday Sale follows suit, but with some twist.

While providing very steep discounts on nearly its entire catalog of games— even new titles like Borderlands 3 are a whopping 35 percent off— Epic is hosting its own 12 days of Christmas celebration. Beginning today, and changing for the next week, the platform will give you one free game a day to stay forever.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, Epic will announce only what will game is the day it becomes online, so don’t expect any surprises. The first freebie available is the Into The Breach strategy title, created by the same individuals who made FTL. Only make sure you grab it fast— as the 12 days go on, the earlier deals don’t hang around. The previous free game will run out every day and take its place with a new one.

In this scenario, you will have to catch Into The Breach at no cost until tomorrow (December 20) at 10 am. We believe that this time window will continue to move forward steadily.

If you want a little more power over which games you’re going to get, but you still don’t want to pay near full price anywhere, Epic’s got your back. Each consumer can receive a free $10 voucher for the entire duration of the Holiday Sale, which can be used for sales of $15 or more.

Once you’re using that voucher, you’re going to get another one (the same buying rules apply), then another one, and so on. So long as you continue to use the vouchers, Epic is happy to continue to give them to you.

While these discounts keep you from snagging completely free games (for example, you can’t use them on $8 or $10 titles), you can get a lot at amazingly low prices— Division 2 is 75 percent off off right now, down to $15. Combine that with the $10 coupon, and for five bucks you get the new looter game from Ubisoft. Even if you don’t really love the game, at least at that price you’ll probably get the benefit of your money.

Equal savings can be provided by other high quality games. For instance, after the coupon and base savings, you could catch Metro Exodus for just $10, or John Wick Hex for $7. Red Dead Redemption 2, after savings, would cost you just $37.99, and Power would come in at $30.19. We’re not going to cover every offer, but you’re probably getting the picture right now.

The announcement of Epic’s Holiday Sale is the latest in a long line of marketing decisions that demonstrate the company is not afraid to throw its money and weight around to win over consumers. It remains to be seen whether or not this technique will prove to be successful this time around. Certainly this year, Epic’s holiday deals are generous, but so are Steam’s.

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