Earnathon Website | Learn About Crypto Then Earn Upto $20 In ENA

Earnathon is a website where people earn money. It is very easy to use and you can earn a lot of money from this website. People are trying to scam but this does not allow anyone to scam you have follow the procedure as they required you will start earning. You have to fill in form what they ask you as you fill the form in right way they will accept the application and you will start earning. So a lot of people want to earn but some do scam to earn but for those we have mechanism and account verification so everyone should earn and earn quite nice way. So there are some rules and regulation that has to be follow to earn. Earnathon is a website where you can learn about crypto currency and also earn a good amount by sign in to its account. The procedure for earning is mention below.

  • Sign Up.

You need to verify your email and sign up into the account to start earning. You will learn there about crypto currency and earn good amount of money too there.

  • Watch videos.

There will be videos you have to watch and listen very carefully. You will ask after you watch the videos. It has some step. The first stage is to watch video and then proceed ahead to earn. this is the process of learning too.

  • Take Quiz.

Once you watch video now it its second stage that what you have learn in the video. They will ask you question from the videos that what was present in the videos. You have to answer as these question are ask that what you have learn and what are your answer. So you are compel to watch the whole video as if you don’t you cannot pass the quiz.

  • Earn token.

Once you go through this procedure you will earn token. And those token will be sent directly to your wallet in this way you can earn daily. You cannot do scam. It is safe way of earning.

In this way you will now about crypto and tell to other and they will also start earning. This is how you can become the re presenter of your city and earn a lot.


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