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Cryptoshark is an extremely scalable Poloniex exchange crypto currency lending middleware. The market data collected are used to optimize your loan agreements in real time. We attempt to identify individual loan bidder/offer groups through extensive data analysis. Follow up your moves and create a risk/offer profile to counteract your offers, for lack of a better word. In order to optimize agent credit strategy, the collected credit contracts and market data are continually used. We try to prevent lower loan rates and maximize loan time with high rates of profit. We will not stop here. We improve our loan algorithms and strategies on a daily basis. We will encourage further exchanges in the near future. Talk to us if you’re a trading operator! Our technology can be used for your own use up to the white label.

CryptoShark Website Features

  • Faucet:- We make money by advertising every 5 minutes, every day, 100-150 times.
  • Shortlink:- Make money by clicking on the link. We look for the best selection of link shorteners in order to save time and money.
  • PTC:- You can earn money by watching adverts, and you can also redeem points to advertise websites.
  • Lottery:- Purchase tickets to participate in our daily lotteries. There will be just one winner who will receive the reward for only $0.002 every 48 hours.
  • Task:- You check the mission we deliver and follow it. We are constantly working to increase the amount of work available to you. Simply follow the mission’s instructions.
  • Dice:- Play games starting at $0.0001 high and low and receive your prize when you win.
  • Achievement:- Obtain money and energy Depending on the success rate, we get more than ten designs every day.

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