Creator of the book ‘ The Last of Us ‘ TV series for HBO Naughty Dog & Chernobyl

In brief: It’s probably not surprising to see that a TV show based on The Last of Us has been lit with green light in film studios preferring video game adaptations left and right. Games generally have problems with film translation. Writings are often bad, but here they come from the Naughty Dog and the producer of the limited series HBO Chernobyl.

The HBO has revealed on Thursday that it has collaborated with Naughty Dog and PlayStation Pictures, adapting The Last of Us to a TV show. The production is being directed by Craig Mazin, the producer of the awarded Chernobyl show. HBO has filmed Neil Druckmann’s Naughty Dog to handle and provide help for writing.

Hollywood Reporter notes the series will be based on the events that took place in the franchise’s first game that centered on Joel’s attempt to get Ellie out of the quarantined area. If the show does well, the plot could be extended to include TLoU Part II.

Within the world of the video game Neil Druckmann is undoubtedly the best storyteller, and The Last of Us is his great opus, “Mazin praised, who is a huge fan of the game. “I have been dreaming of a chance for years to change this incredible work of art, and in collaboration with Neil I have been so honoured.”

It’s not the first adaptation of Naughty Dog’s hit. A Uncharted-based feature film is underway, but has struggled to finish. Initially, it was scheduled for release on 18 December 2020, but now, IMDB lists it on 5 March 2021. Don’t holding your pace — it’s like a date with a placeholder. Hopefully we won’t get into the same problems with the last of the TV series.

PlayStation Productions, newly created by Sony, also said that the TV series is not the only game franchise. While it had nothing to advertise, it had some plans for future adaptations, as we published in May last year.

“This is the first of several shows we expect to produce at PlayStation Productions with our mates,” says Chris Parnell, executive of Sony Pictures.

It is difficult to tell if a TV show is able to capture the same suspense, terror and emotion as the magnum opus The Last of Us Naughty Dog. Rarely equal with the viewers are live-action video game adaptations. Hopefully it can be pulled off by Mazin and Druckmann. If so, HBO can notice that viewers have a spike.

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