Colin Furze made a real-life version of Junkrat’s RIP-tire from Overwatch

What was really happening? Overwatch developer Blizzard has recently commissioned Internet mad scientist Colin Furze to create an actual version of Junkrat’s Overwatch RIP-tire. Unsurprisingly, in grand fashion, Furze succeeded.

For those unfamiliar, the RIP-tire is basically a thing with giant spikes, a remote controlled tire bomb unicycle device. As you’ll see, Furze adapted a chainsaw engine to act as his wacky creation’s drive mechanism. He managed to squeeze everything inside a regular tire and even fitted it with training wheels to help keep it upright.

Spikes have been added for visual effect but are not functional as rolling simply wouldn’t work on such an uneven surface. Even without them, some severe ruckus can be created by Furze’s RIP-tire. Only watch how quickly it plows through its fence in the backyard.

To make the RIP-tire remote-controllable, a servo and other wireless bits have been added even though it just goes straight–no real turning is involved.

Furze is not happy with his design 100 percent-it’s just not destructive enough. In his next post, he promises to fix the deficiency so stay tuned.

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