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CLIPCLAPS is a social media platform to use the vines, it can react to the video in the form of CLAPS. When you post a video to clip clap, you can earn money. The main advantage of the clip Clap is, is that it does not want to be monetized in order to receive payment. You can also earn money just by looking at the video. Treasure box will be presented looking at the video. I personally, just by looking at the video for 4 minutes, earned $ 1 as cash. I’m always lucky. You can maximize revenue through the introduction. I get the diamond box when you invite your friends, you can earn up to 10 dollars in a single introduction.

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My Opinion

Clipclaps is, for those who use the introduction and acquisition program of clipclaps, there is likely to be of good income app. I personally share the one friend and the app, won $ 1. Therefore, if you want to earn a considerable amount of money in CLIPCLAPS, please try to share the app. If along with the followers of friends and Instagram (the followers also works with less than 100 people) Instagram followers is quite large, had been using the clip clip as entertainment applications, it is considerably higher revenue potential understood .

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CLIPCLAPS want laugh, it is the perfect app for anyone who wants to reduce stress. Because get its price, there is no problem with the download. This article is hope that help you understand something. CLIPCLAPS, CHEERS.

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