How Can You Earn More Bits From BeerFaucet

Gain Faucet Bits Per Hour

  • In the drop-down menu, pick the Captcha that you want to solve. (We will pick SolveMedia for this tutorial)
  • Write the words as shown in SolveMedia in the textbox. (This Captcha ‘s reaction should be: history repeats itself)
  • After you have responded, press the Roll & Win button.
  • The result is shown, and you are given bits.

Earn bits by finishing short links
Solve these shortlinks and get the bits that have passed with each shortlink. You need to solve one shortlink at a time, so you can’t solve more than one shortlink at a time.

Get PTC Ads Gain Bits
Click on the Visit button and then wait for the countdown to be credited to visit the Websites mentioned in this tab. At that time you must visit a website, or you would not be credited to it. You can visit these sites once a day, after visiting them all, after midnight you can visit them again.

  • When you press the Visit button, a new page opens and a progress bar appears in the header section of the site.
  • When the progress bar turns green (finished), a pop-up captcha is shown.
  • Pick the correct answer and when confirmed, bits are automatically added with a confirmation to your account.

Earn Offerwalls Bits

Offerwalls is a successful way to earn and swap credits. It will open a new tab, just as with PTC Advertising.

We’ll choose BitsWall in this example.

  • Click on the first page containing 65 credits. A new page will be displayed by doing this, and that has the progress bar in the header section of the web.
  • Until the progress bar turns green (completed), it will show a popup captcha.
  • Pick the correct answer and you’ll see a confirmation message when confirmed.
  • Credits will be reflected in your balance, and you can now swap them for pieces.

Make Bits From Dice

Get yourself hooked and try your luck at Dice. Pick the sum of your bet and do the roll!

The result will be shown below once you have clicked on Roll Hi or Roll Lo. Your bits will be put into your account if you win.

Gain Bits from Achievements

Get extra incentives for every accomplishment you have completed.

Investment Game Win Bits

A game where you can try your luck and guess whether the Bitcoin value in the next 5 minutes goes higher or lower and your investment is multiplied by x1.5. If you think the price will rise or if you think it will decrease, call.

  • Enter your investment value of at least 50 bits. And pick Call for Increase and Put for Reduction.
  • Results will be seen in the last 10 investments & bits after five minutes will be credited to your account if you win.

Get Bits From Jobs

Do a particular task on the Work page and offer evidence that you have completed the task.

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