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AutoFaucet is one of the world’s most reliable faucet websites, which since 2018 has been offering free services. Build your account and start earning in a second. You can find a menu named “free token” on the left side after creating your account. A sub-menu will be displayed when you click on it. From that menu, you can pick a favorite task to start. You can click on the visit button if you pick a shortlink, and a new tap will open. You should reach the destination connection by following the steps and collect the payment instantaneously. On the other side, if you choose the offerwalls, you can select your preferred provider of offerwalls. You can finish the surveys, watch videos or visit the websites now and collect the payment immediately.

Mathods Of Earning

AutoFaucet gives you different opportunities to earn money. The services we provide are the simplest way to move into the world of cryptography and invest in your future by following the latest trends. Determine the most appropriate way for you to earn without any funds being invested. In addition, any single step you take on our website lets you gain level points so that by leveling up, you can maximize your earnings. Build and start earning your account now


By completing our assignments, start improving your crypto fortune. The only thing you need to do is visit the appropriate links and complete the easy tasks from the offerwall that you want. All you have to do is search the assignments below and find the one that best suits you. By completing these basic tasks, you can move into the crypto-world.

Types Of Tasks

  • Shortlinks: By visiting one of the many links we provide and completing the steps, you will receive the crypto coins that you choose.
  • Offerwalls: In an easy way, you can finish the surveys, watch videos, or visit some websites and earn crypto coins.


Enter the cryptocurrency movement and start using your Processor and GPU resources to mine multiple currencies. All you need to do is choose the type of mining that suits you best. By using your device’s CPU and GPU capacity, you can move into the crypto world. Create your account right now and start earning with one of the options we provide if you are prepared to mine.

Types Of Mining

  • Mining by Browser
    With your browser, start mining now.
  • GUI Miner
    Download and start mining with the software we have built for you now.
  • Miner’s command-line
    Start right now with the XMRig software installed on your computer.
  • Plugin Website
    If you own a website, you can add the code we provide on your website and start earning.


A lucky felling today? Get crypto coins for free in a fun way! Enjoy our thrilling games with a chance to multiply your profits, to make your fortune even greater.

key Features

This website provides you with great features to improve your income and simplify your acts. What you see is just a handful of them! Now build your account and begin to enjoy all our features.

  • 20 percent Bonus for Referers
    By referring to our website, each time they say, you can get 20 percent commission for life.
  • Instant Retirement
    In addition, in different types of withdrawal options, you can get your earnings without waiting.
  • Various types of arguments
    With various features, we give the Auto claim and the Manual claim.
  • Raising your earnings
    By leveling up with a simple form, you can get more earnings.
  • Exchange Immediately
    Enjoy the ease of immediate trade with very low fees.
  • Help for Premium
    By creating a reservation, we are only one click away and get direct help.

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