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ADBTC is a bitcoin- based ptc. This website is available in English. The new status NBR has assigned to this platform is: Revised. You will initially see whether this platform is real or not by taking a gander at our analysis. The adBTC profits from a system with PTC. To Click that empowers customers to obtain Satoshis for survey advertising. Despite the fact that the administration has not yet had a long history, it has settled in the Bitcoin community of citizens in an eective way. The website is kept in an acceptable and clear outline and consumers are spared from exorbitant promotions. The usual website pickup is 100 satoshi per advertising, i.e. 0.00000100 BTC, the website or people in regular 50 + promotions a day and up to 150 satoshis a button.

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Autosurfing can also be used for different destinations with about 15 satoshis per wave. At a standard If a man sees all destinations and additionally uses autosurfing can get about 7000 satoshis in a day without much of a break. The commercial starts for a 15 second promotion at 20 satoshis PPC and for a 60 second advertisement up to 150 satoshis. For this PTC you’re going to win 7 per cent of your surfing referrals. You can also get these referrals over your complex references. The website receives an average of 100 satoshi per ad (0.00000100BTC) and the website can add up to 150 satoshi per click to 50 + ads a day. Members have the option of autosurfing for separate sites that can have about 15 satoshi per wave. You can earn about 7000 satoshi per day if you calculate that one person can view all sites and use the autosurf option. AdBTC currently has 50 pages, 524801users.

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Adbtc Features

  • Gain up to 200 Satoshi every press
  • One of bitcoin faucet’s fastest, most trusted and HIGH paying.
  • Earn money by browsing Simple web pages.

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