4 Top Best New App 2022

There are many app but today I am going to tell the best app. That will help you a lot. That will save your time and will be easy to operate. All you need to download and install in your phone and enjoy its feature by using this app. A lot of app is present in Google play store. But I have selected these just for you to take benefit of it. The about which I am telling you are mention below.

  1. Zoom:

Zoom is introduced in pandemic when people were not allowed to go to office and do their work. But when this app was introduced people used it for their meeting and school used it for student to teach. It is very easy to install and to run. All you need to have id and password. So you have to enter the id and password you will be there on zoom in the meeting. Now a day a lot of people are using this for meeting and teaching. This is now easy way of working from home and is kind of meeting room. It is beneficial because a lot of people can join at one time.

  1. Shazam

Shazam is also a time saving app. This app is used to find out music with in seconds. It is now very popular among the people. Almost everyone has it in smart phone. It saves those songs which you search in shazam and you than find that song easily any time. This app save your searches in library and also shows you what is search the most in your city.

  1. Piclock

Piclock is another app that is downloaded the most. People have secret thing in their mobile and they want to save it separately as other cannot see it. So put them in piclock whenever people try to open it. This app will need a password to open so they cannot see your picture as they are lock and save from other. All you need to download it from paly store and save things in that. That will help you to keep your secret.

  1. Fastvid

Fastvid is an app that is used to download Facebook videos. You need to copy the link and paste it in fastvid. The video will be downloaded to your mobile and you can use it easily. These all app are very easy to use. They need to be downloaded and install it in your device and enjoy its feature.


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