The holy month for Muslims is called Ramadan. It is observed by the Muslim every year and is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. Fast is observed by every mature Muslim. Muslims are very for this month as it brought with it lots of happiness. Allah Almighty promises that Allah will double the deeds whoever does in this month. The fasting has three ashras and every ashra is consist of ten days. First, ashra is a day of mercy. The second is for forgiveness. The third is for days of seeking refuge.

This month brings prosperity to the Muslims. During this month everyone around the world wants to do good deeds and repent for what he has done in the past. Allah is such merciful that he never disappoints the human as he asked Allah to be forgiven. There are many hadith about Ramadan which is called the days of mercy, forgiveness, and deliverance from Jahannam. The month a human gets more than the deeds he does. It is called a thousand times better than the other month. The people who died in this month will not be punished. The month is observed when the Muslim see the moon and finishes when they see the moon. It is one of the five pillars of Islam and is important for Muslims to observe fasting. These are the days in one Muslim life to be as clear from sin as a newborn baby. Allah does not give punishment to those who are in a grave during this month. And forgive many and send them to Jannah just because of this month.

As Ramadan come we prepare ourselves and try not to do such deeds which are not liked by Allah. Everyone wants to do good deeds as he wants to be forgiven and take benefits of this month. What we do is to start preparation for Tarawih which Sala consist of twenty Rakat and Muslim offer this prayer for the sake of virtue. This deed is liked by Allah as it has a lot of rewards which be given by Allah on doomsday. As we perform tarawih on the first night came home and prepared for sehri and cooked many foods as it is the month of rewards and Allah didn’t ask for anything so Muslim eat a lot and do good deeds as well by giving food to the poor. The month where no one remains hungry.

Because everyone tries to provide food to the poor and every Muslim tries to offer every prayer in a masjid and do recitation of Quran. After sehri, we start recitation of the Quran and then sleep for some time. When we wake up then go to our work and start distributing money and food to the poor. And did the good deeds with full intention so that is accepted by Allah. We worshiped every single second of the fasting day as we got a double or triple reward for a small deed. In the evening we again recite the Holy Quran and wait to break the fast. We break the fast as we see the sun going down. And we start eating the food and every food is present at that time as Allah asked us to spend on ourselves as Allah don’t ask for this spending which you do in this month. At Aisha, we again go for tarawih to perform in this way and spend our fasting. Tarawih is finished on different days in every masjid as every society has its adjustment. Some finish in fifteen days and some twenty-one days and some twenty-seven days.

It goes on till we see the moon. So in this way, we observe Ramadan and do good things so that we have a good time in the grave and this deed helps us to be not punished. As the first Ashra is the day of mercy and we ask Allah to be merciful to us and forgive what deeds we do in the past we want to continue our lives from the start and do not want to be punished for past deeds that’s why we asked Allah to be merciful on us. In this way spend our first ten days and observe every Muslim try to do good deeds and people who have a lot of money provide food every day to the poor. As this month comes everyone is happy as the poor get good food and Muslims give their zakat too in this month which is very helpful for the poor.

Because this zakat provides them clothes and other happiness. The second Ashra is for forgiveness as Muslims asked Allah to forgive them Allah just forgives them because of this month and Allah wants that every human in this world obeys Allah and Allah give back them Jannah. In the second Ashra, the Muslims do dua which Allah almighty told us to do in the second Ashra and we recite it many times a day as it is about forgiveness. The last Ashra is very important as this ashra has lailat ul qadar which is the best day of the year and better than a thousand years. When you see lailat ul qadar whatever you want from Allah. Allah will give you that and is for to be out from Jahannam. So we go for i’tikaf and we spend their last ten days so we worship only and leave everything like a family business and work. We spend the whole night worshiping Allah and waiting for lailat ul qadar and ask Allah to forgive us and our relatives who are not with us and Allah forgives them because of dua. We changed our routine from the first two ashras as we spend these days in a masjid and we are not allowed to go out from the masjid and sit there only to worship Allah Almighty.

So in this way we spend this month and in the last days we also prepare for Eid as Allah gives this as a reward for Ramadan. After thirty days of Ramadan, we go to each other homes and asked relatives how they spend this month. This ritual is the gift of Ramadan.


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