12 ADHD and ADD essential oils

1. Oil vacuum

Vetiver oil is rich in fragrance, so it is an additive in perfumes of the body, perfumed soaps, oils and fresh air. However, Vetiver is effective in treating ADD with research. It calms, soils and balances the mind because of its aromatic effect on the mind. Vetiver banishes anger, hysteria, and irritability with the calming, warming, sedative and soothing properties on the nervous system. It also reduces neurotic behavior and reduces anxiety, a feature of people with ADD / ADHD. To use Vetiver essential oil, place five drops inside a carrier oil teaspoon, such as jojoba, and then apply it to the neck base.

2. Oil basil

Most users call it “renewal oil.” Basil oil effectively reduces anxiety, anxiety, and nervousness. Therefore, it calms the mind and the heart so that it can overcome stress and fatigue. Basil essential oil is useful to people with nervous disorders. In a room diffuser, add basil.

3. Oil from lavender

Lavender has been useful for a long time in eliminating nervous tension, treating breathing problems and improving proper circulation of the blood. Lavender tones the nerves with its calming scent, eradicating anxiety. Place a few drops of essential Lavender oil on a pillow before night sleep to reduce cases of nervous tension, emotional stress and restlessness. Lavender oil affects the autonomic nervous system according to research, which is why it is a perfect remedy for insomnia treatment.

4. Citrus oil

Lemon oil stimulates, soothes and causes sleep. Lemon is effective in eliminating mental fatigue, exhaustion, nervousness, nervous tension, and anxiety because of its calming nature. It refreshes the mind, increasing concentration and vigilance, an essential need for ADHD people. In a room air freshener, add essential lemon oil.

5. Oil from the rosemary

This powerful oil in the treatment of ADHD is effective. It soothes the mind and improves concentration. In addition, the rosemary increases alertness and performance for memory overall quality. The essential oil of Rosemary blends well with Lavender and Lemon. The forming of a formidable memory booster in this case. One can directly inhale the oil for effective results.

6. Capricorn oil

Common oil among spiritual people, essential oil for frankincense, soothes anxiety and depression. In addition, intuition increases. It acts as an excellent sleep aid by reducing anxiety. Without adverse side effects, the oil reduces heart rate and high blood pressure. Massaging or a warm shower of essential oil from Frankincense is an effective way to use it. A room diffuser’s oil still works perfectly!

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